voice who whispers she in the circle of eternal stillness unseal within me, beloved in your fullness You Jizm My Internity beauty\'s blossom of delight all the obscure disguises of living mystery knowing her a lick of flame Your Dance of Time i keep coming back to You! Unravelling The Last Knot Into The Infinite Sea Of You Wisdom Watches Over Me You Are The Alchemy Of Change, Beloved You whirlwing me in You inweave all being In The Sacramental Stillness Our Dance Embrace Wisdom Dance Of Infinity Into Time Eternity Touching In *at the heart of the mystery* the mystery of existence this night eyed dreamer woo*man... Song Of The Heart Ascending we are divinities, descended into flesh i am... What Is Grace? in the eternal shining The Eternal Planting What Wonders Yet To Be Born Copulating Infinities Vision Tapestry All Becomes... ambrosia of the eternals my head upon your bosom you are dressed in radiances, beloved Bride Of Light Lover Of My Luminosities bridegroom of eternity, bride who is eternity lost in your boundlessness... open unto me, Living Mystery... Sophia Sizzles! you are dance of stars shekhinah of the eternal glories The Slow Ascendance Shekhina Celestia From The Depths Of Her Wisdom Vision of the Mystic On Earth Veils Within Veils All Our Togethernesses She Is The Matrix Yoni of Dream Spirit Of All That Lives Heartspeak In The Closet Of Solitude You Conceal Yourself, You Reveal Yourself What Awakening, This? The Infinite Beatitudes Remembrance To Be Enrapt In Your Wonder Moon Wonder Who Are You? I Am Who Caused You She Cradles The Virgin Sign Ever We Women of Her Spirit, Sacred Vessels Shakti! this dance bride of divine delight light caressing light your cosmic heart come home heavenly wisdom wisdom is our sanctuary She Is The Flux of Creativity All Intricacies of Her Matrix Tapestry of interweaving life-streams Be... Her Flame Mysteries Burn! In the Brightness of Her Shining The Bright Dark of Her Mystery Your Mystic Presence Time Is Your Womb Of Change Sophia speaks this passion of knowing your chalice of love runs over humanized by joy, divinized by compassion endless mystique spring freshets like a morning fragrance on the wind sweet union enwrapped in her! every day is sabbath in you mouth of causeless cause you! you! you! luminous woman invites you yoni valley of paradise mothwings & starfire she, in whose loving we were born