Directory Who Is Wisdom? Love Oracle The Time Spirit A Shared Ideal Prelude Each New Dawn Between the Silences... Something of Forever Your Garment of Time In Her Immensitudes You Are The Banquet Divine, Beloved Flaming In The Heart Of You! Dance Of The Moment Caress The Eternal In Your Soul To Dive Into The Ocean Of You Endlessly Alluring Sophia All this blossoming miracle... Come to me now... Why Has Mainstream Christianity Ignored The Divine Feminine? Why Has Her Existence Been Mysteriously Obscured? Why Suffering? Why Multiplicity? Faith in *What*? Benediction For The Transition Why Has Much Of The Established Christian Church Denied Sophia\'s Existence And Tried To Hide Her Truth? Who Loves Me And Understands Me, Anyway? We Are Inseparable Portal Into Infinity Radiances Lick All Through Me The Great Adventure Your Undulating Dance Embosom Me As Your Blossoming Flame of Your Flaming, Beloved Cadent Lightfall This Hope, Reborne Who Blesses? Truth in Beauty, Beauty in Truth To InterWeave In You The Divine As An Eternal Child Childe Of The Universes Thru the Alchemy of Time Like a dancing angel, within... A Whisper Of The Future Portal To The Beyond Mystery Keeps It Open-Ended Awaken, Memory! Sacrament of Sacraments