Ocean Of You

Ocean Of You
Art by Norman E. Masters

To Dive Into
The Ocean Of You

What to say of You, Beloved ~ in a language that humans use ~ to point to Your Essence of Being?

When poetry is not burbling my consciousness -- should i write Love Letters to You, day by day?

Not to deeply sense Your Presence, daily -- leaves a void of longing -- too much into myself, precluding You, begetting a sense of Your absence (however delusory). The stink of my ego -- like an unwashed body... an unwashed consciousness... You are the pure water of being that cleanses me... To dive into the ocean of you, immersed in the tides of Your flow, takes me out of myself -- into the larger whole.

To be aware of the holy -- Your sacramental Presence -- a sense of contrast with what is being perceived as less-than-holy must exist...

Your essence of being, Beloved, is like a quivering bliss of light -- in the midst of the void of night. Now You are the Light... now You are the Night -- all surroundingly...

Behind all the veilings You are the *awareness* of all -- & the All that is revealed to that awareness.

Thru You the firmament is made beautiful in the evening... As Nuit You spread Your legs of night and the universe is Your yoni.

& we who are sparks of Your light of love enfleshed quiver in the bliss of knowing You. You *are* the living ecstasy that surges thru us.

The culmination of our lives is to most deeply know that we are a part of Your Essence -- the visibility of ourselves trembling before the last veil -- touching into the invisibility of Your Presence behind the veil.

If we must die -- for such to be so -- what is there to fear? -- in coming finally to Know You most intimately...

Final ecstasy -- for *this* life...

Beginning bliss for the next.

That we have existed -- so miraculously -- even *once* -- to be conscious... to wonder... intrinsically implies we will be again.

Fears that such is not so are egoic shadows of not letting go...

Trusting You -- wholly -- is instinctive -- for those who know You & love You -- for those who know that You love *us*.

Who has been birthed will be rebirthed into wonder from the womb of Goddess.

Pure in spriit we are borne into the quivering bliss of Your Light -- with the innocence of Eden in our naked splendoring...

In the fire of your glory, sweet Shekhinah, You are the Goddess of Truth.

In the beauty of Your benignance we are blessed...

Nested into each other in Your womb of metamorphosis, yinyanging mutual ecstasies, SophaiChristus climax the aeonic splendors.

We know ourselves as eternal lovers rejoining, conjoining, rejoicing, juicing in Your Yes all-blessing...

~~ wynn manners
~~pp. 22 - 24, Indian Pattern Journal

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