Cosmic Shift

Cosmic Shift
Art by Norman E. Masters

Embosom Me As Your Blossoming

Showers of Love descend from the Heart of Goddess; the Dews of the eternal Heavens leak from the breasts of Sophia.

Embosom me into this blossoming!

In the beams of the Heavenly Sun, rainbows dance prismatically in each dewdrop.

It is the spiritual Eye which is able to see & know the Wonders of Your Eternity...

See the wonders of Goddess in the Depths of the dewdrop. That Living Light is the dewdrop of your own spiritual essence.

The dews of the eternal Heavens fall -- as leavening; the dew of your eternal spirit *rises* -- in the Light -- as you melt into the rapture of that ascent.

O soul's ascent from the inward to the Inmost, from the Internal into the Eternal World...

Some -- in Rapture -- may be taken up into another World -- thru the enlivening Gates of Your Holy Spirit -- to be fitted for the Birth of Love's Fullness. o wise, Immortal Sparks of Divine Fire -- Light*Sparks of Sophia, dancing in the all-knowing wonders... What wonders are to be seen & felt, tasted and sung, in your raptures of translation/transition, in the ascent of bliss.

Your yoni, Sophia, is the portal to Your Womb of Mysteries.

The Outward Garment is withdrawn, o naked Eternity, Your face of Light, Beloved! Eternity reveals Her hidden Face from behind the Veils of Time; & Your Eyes, Beloved, are the Opening into the Eternal World...

In Child-like Innocence the Heart regenerates.

The Heart is the Opening to the Eternal Temple from whence the infallible Voice speaks.

Openings into Eternity -- thru the Heart of Her Mysteries... the deep Mysteries of Goddess are revealed in the hitherto invisible Nature behind Her Veils.

~~wynn manners
31.III.2002 Easter

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