Cosmic Shoals

Cosmic Shoals
Art by Norman E. Masters

Spirit of all that lives...

Spirit of all that lives, Source of all loving, Sophia Amorata,
is it to be, then, an eternal quest on the part of wo/manity
to discover the All of You? Ever the bright promise lures us on,
Your mystique... Your Living Mystery... the stars in Your Divine Aye!
patterning, mysteriously, the heiroglyphics of eternity,
suggestively infinite in meaning to the wondering surmise of
star*gazers across the ages...

You Who are the Invisible Spirit, You Who are the Fountain
Source of my heart*speak, uplifting my heart with an inward music
toward the bright promise of awe You are... strange as such
may seem to be -- to many...

The souls of all who live are Your own heiroglyphics into time,
a mystical writing-into-life of Your Spirit of All,
*living* heiroglyphics, mysterious in creative potentiality,
growing in breadth & depth of awareness, however slowly
across the passing years, the multiple lifetimes, winning and
losing, gaining & sliding backwards, fearing annihilation, embracing
the void of a perceived-nothing for the sake of everything;
for only in our uttermost sense of emptiness can You *fill* us
most fully to overflowing...


~~wynn manners

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