Angel Circle

i am the mirror of your soul
what do you *see* in me?

i am the fool, i am the poet
i am the idiot & the one you have condemned
i am nobody & i am anybody
i am an asshole with donkey ears flopping
the blackhole of the infinite nothing

i am whatever you see me as --
but all you are seeing is yourself
in the mirror that I AM

i am the tears of Sophia & i am Goddess, reborn
i am the dream you never dreamed would happen
i am the pregnant pause between the quivering and the Ecstasy
i am the Edge of Forever
the Breath of Eternity
i am the bread you feed the birds & i am the wine that made you drunk
i am *you* in your deepest within

i am the Love that is loving you
in this uttermostly enchanted moment
lost into timelessness
i am the heartbeat of Infinity, i am pregnant Divinity
i am the Voice of the Silence, i am the Living Fire
i am the never that evers
the none that is one
the one that is many
the any that beComes

i am the Darkness & i am the Light
i am the Shadow & that which casts the Shadow
i am the ignorance & i am the Knowing

i am the bride & i am the bridegroom
i am the nakedness that bares all unto awe
i am the new song & i am the erotic dance
i am the entrance to the enchantment
i am the chant & i am the trance
i am the rock that rolls & the beat that goes on
i am the heart's deepest song
i am the emptiness & i am the fullness

do you re*cognize me yet?

i am the face that stares back at you from your mirror
& i am the shattering of that mirror, shards of despair
fragments of dream that disappear into mists of air

i am the Unanswered(able) Question
i am the Guest of Chance who came with no pants

i am the transition & i am the rapture
i am the laughter & i am the tears
i am the pain & i am the hope
i am the shameless one & i am the holy one
i am the two who become one
i am the future -- alive into the now
i am the heretic, i am the apostate
i am the heiroglyphics of the stars -- the mystic meanings between

& you will be that Coming
& you will COME & you will COME
& you will COME again & again's again

i am the Mother giving birth to nascent goddesses & gods
i am the Seed of the Hope fulfilled
i am the naked one strolling down the church aisle
with only a silly hat on his head
i am the one who wears a necktie as a headband
asking, "Does someone have a spare pair of shoes?"

i am the romantic idealist & the fantasist
i am the disillusionment that transforms
the ideal into the real

yet i am no more than one of the least of these

i am the Last to enter the Eternal Ecstasy
-- so *please* move your ass along so *i* can COME-in too!

                                         ~~ wynn manners

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