Sunflower Dreams 3

Sunflower Dreams 3
Art by Norman E. Masters

You conceal Yourself,
You reveal Yourself

You conceal yourself, you reveal yourself, Beloved...
in and out of time...

Infinity abides in you... the activation of energy,
all freedom of choice....

Bride of Light, such exquisite pleasures you bestow
upon the worthy and the unworthy.
In You is no judgment of unworthiness.

In You is the perfection of our growth --
in Your Spirit that belongs not *to* time
but abides thru *all* time...

Each life, itself, is a fruit
from the Tree of Life, Who is *You*...
At each birth You are t*here, to bless.

In knowing You a sense of the infinite
expands our internitude
sanctifies our days
illumines us upon our way
seeing beauty in all things.

How can there not be beauty
behind the veil -- wherever You abide?
You are the veiling
& You are the unveiling.

You conceal yourself from those who seek you not;
You reveal yourself to those who love you.

When we surrender ourselves, absolutely, to your abiding Presence,
immersing all sense of selfhood wholly & holily in You,
You bare to us the secrets of our *own* deepest internity.

When i think of nothing *but* You
-- You, Beloved!  only *You*! --
in utter sincerity of devotion,
     You! my everything!
then, & only then can Your wisdom
illumine me, bring wise counsel unto me...

~~from "Sacred Fire In The Chamber Of The Heart"

~~wynn manners

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