Art by Norman E. Masters

*feel* the flesh of goddess!

To *be*! -- in this form, this matrix of sensitivity
to feel, to smell, to hear exquisite harmonies, to taste, to *see*,
to envision, to imagine -- knowing that *you* are god/dess, he/rself
experiencing this unique singularity amidst the Larger Fullness...

*Feel* the flesh of god/dess; know this knowing...
Remember?  all that you are here to love... most deeply...

Is matter but an echo of the spirit & is spirit the essence?
Or is "matter" and "spirit" a unity that is the divine quintessence?

o Beloved who is Eternity & all-simultaneously
the ever-change of temporality --
in You matter and spirit are no longer divided;
in You we are integrated into wholeness of being.

You are spirit Who permeates all matter
but matter is Your body of wo/manifestation,
that You and we experience all nuances
of most delicate sensitivity and awareness.

Energy is Your creative expressiveness;
stars going supernova are Your ecstatic climaxes;
black holes are your yoni sucking-in star-seeds
to birth new universes within Your cosmic womb.

Yet every infinitismal cry of every human heart
is Your cry too, Your pain, our pain,
experiencing all-that-is thru each of us...

For each of us is a seed of Your Spirit into time & flesh of Your Body,
a living promise of something uniquely new growing into being
gazing in awe upon all that is ~~
each from a different perspective ~~
endlessly (reflectively) mirroring the endlessness
every fantasy a creative exploration of divine potentiality
dewdrop souls reflecting the infinite in endless permutation
Indra's Net enfleshed across the cosmos, catching star*dreams...
to wonder upon, to wander thru mazes in luminous amazement,
each light*spark a nexus-point joining the Infinite Beyond
with the infinite-within... where You are,
growing the never-before into the ever-*yes*!

~~from Inter*Fusions
~~wynn manners

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