Divine Motherhood

Divine Motherhood
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Human Consciousness Is In *Her* Birth Canal

by Rita Adan

I think the visions/dreams we have contain multiple levels of meanings.

Right now the consciousness of mankind is in labor pains. The babe (man's mass conciousness) has no idea, really, what's happening or why and is still stuck half way in the birth canal wanting to go forward, yet wanting to climb back up into a familiar cocoon/way of being/believing. But the contractions of the womb will push the babe out eventually into a new environment/level of Truth: Ascension Up!

For mankind being born into *Higher Truth* is a slow, arduous process (in my opinion). A thousand years from now I hope the accepted beliefs of today will be remolded and repackaged to accept Great Mother/Sophia back in her rightful place in their teachings. But regardless, SHE can light HER Fire in anyone's heart merely by them wondering about HER! For those who yearn and begin to love and need Her, She* returns Love back a thousand-fold.

She* has a million faces and a million names. In the highest Lights of the Heavens, male or female is of no consequence; nor are names or words written upon paper.

Up there in the highest realms, Love, Joy, Compassion, are everything. It ~ALL~ stems from HER. All that conflict with HER will be burn't up and reborn in Her Love and Truth eventually.

Down here, Love, Compassion, Joy in each human's actions, deeds, words, thoughts done responsively and ardently is what will save Earth.

It is the one thing that is an apt, effective weapon against the unseen dark-hearted spiritual forces that want this world and each soul in it in chaos, war, and turmoil and in ignorance of *Eternal Truth and Reality*.

This way They can maintain their false crowns upon their heads.

The first time I read Pistis Sophia I was struck at the utter complexity it shows us of the cosmic realms. It has so many multiple spiritual levels.

This is not what I learned growing up, or was forced to "Learn". There was Heaven, Here and Hell. Either you were "For God or Against God!" "Saved or Unsaved!" "Only One Way to Heaven"! This falsehood and intolerance of other beliefs is a box I chose to get out of very young.

Being a child prone to visions/dreams, intuitions, I just couldn't believe what I heard in church. My soul eyes *Saw* and my spiritual ears *Heard* and my lonely heart *Felt* HER Eternal Truth and Comfort in both the extraordinary and ordinary occurrences of my day-to-day life.

I can remember being utterly fascinated by my next door neighbor lady who was a Hare Krishna and asking her all kinds of questions. I saw the Goddess Light in her eyes and it lit a spark in my soul that grew and was tended most lovingly by *Great Mother. It was not really of any doctrine but of a ~Great Feeling Of Love~. I had tapped into HER Wellspring. For a long time I put the face of Mother Mary upon *HER* (the only face I knew to give Her) and *She* wore this Beloved Face with Love and Patience till my spiritual eyes awakened to the fact *SHE* is beyond any one Form or Name or Time. The *Good Mother* will tend each one of her babies as we need *HER*.

January 26, 2006

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