Gladly Receive Her Beneficience In The Garden of Sophia Come Into The Light Of Bliss Moon Shadows Out Of The Silences A Touch Of Peace Sophia Speaks *Childe Of The Light* Into The Pleroma Of Light In The Light\'s Delight Who Will Walk The Sunpaths Of Eternity? The Manna Of Heaven Seed of The Promise Divine o Heart so bright with promise Apotheosis *Dream*Angels* Our Mother Who Art... The Wine Of Eternity angel*whispers i The Eucharist of Love Infinite Complexities, Ever Deepening Mysteries angel*whispers ii Gleams Of Light This New Day from The Nectar of Eternity Child of Time Womb of Eden i am the rainbow of love inside you Divine Singers, Awonder Wisdom\'s Joy The Awakened Heart Children of Wisdom\'s Truth The Golden Transition Home To The Heart\'s Open Welcoming She Is The Creating Power A Kiss Of Presence Heart\'s Remembrance Singing Your Essence Into Being I Am The Dance Of Time Evolving The Fullness