Ankh of the Heart's Holy of Holies

Art by Norman E. Masters

Come Into the Light of Bliss

Come into the Light of Bliss; enter the endlessness.

Taste a bit of forever upon the refreshing morning breeze... fragrance of Goddess teasing the now.

Forever wells up from within your cells like a golden hymn, a song from Beyond, an incantation from the Supreme Power, a Call from the Future -- awakening into the now of you, driving away all shadow agendas of the past.

It requires a marvelous faith to be done with the past & open the door to the future.

The resurrection of another -- yes, such seems miraculous -- from one angle-of-vision. It reinforces the wonderment that miracle is alive...

But what resonates most deeply is the resurrection of oneself. Just to begin each day, each moment, anew, afresh into wonder -- what is more genuinely wonderfully miraculous than that?! To see, to be -- amidst this evolving miracle!

That you are this form, this flesh, this sensitive mesh of seeing & feeling, this sensuous touching & tasting, pensive listening & learning, curious seeking & smelling, limitless kitheing & esping, to simply be in your deepest internity: God/dess, alive in the wondering... eye of eternity, looking into time, contemplating infinity, nascent divinity -- seed of the knowing, growing the infinitudes...

To breathe deep the morning air -- sunshine upon skin... Every morning is Resurrection Morning when perceived in this way.

Still to simply be is ever wondrous strange -- thru all the transformations of change...

What a wonderment to be alive in this form with God/dess living & joy(n)ing in your All of being!

God/dess living in you! -- pulsing thru you as your innermost essence of being, becoming, your verimost heartbeat -- & you are right on the edge of a numinous shift of great magnitude, a consciousness expansion beyond all boundaries -- into the boundlessness.

Your own future is penetrating the now, jizming the fructification; light*selves across the dimensions are merging, unlimited God/dess expressing He/rself as you!

Your Life is an ecstatic movement in/of God/dess, riding the Waves of Now, a Vision & a flight, an inspiration of Hope & a wonderment of yes!. Unhindered, you are undressing the Light in a timeless ecstasy of uttermost delight.

~~ norea st. john
easter day, 2002

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