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Mary Magdalene, Christ's Ananda...

by Ananda Ananda

This is edited together from some e-mail dialoging between March 6th & March 13th of 2003 with the one i call Ananda Ananda (from her e-mail address). She signed her sendings as Di & Diane, a few times.

Then i ceased hearing from her. Don't *believe* i said anything to alienate her. My last sending to her (a few months later) bounced back, undeliverable.

People's hard drives crash... & they lose all information thereupon. People have heart attacks, car wrecks, divorces... (She is/was in her early-50's... with 2 of 6 children still living with her and her husband, at that time.) No knowing what really happened unless one receives some Direct Sending informing one.

i've rearranged (somewhat) the *order* of some of what was written (most of it, responsively, to something i had written) & have eliminated all that i consider to be *personal* material (the confidentially of which has to be maintained). The fewest of words have been added to "bridge" thoughts -- in the connecting process (but *never* adding in or altering any meanings).

i believe Ananda Ananda shared *much* that is Of Value, herein, during those Special Days when our hearts & souls were speaking as one with each other, baring the sharing... And i believe that *some* will find what she shared to be Meaningful. ~~wynn manners

Holy Spirit
adapted from Jonathon Earl Bowser
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[i had responded to something Ananda Ananda had posted to a message board on Waya Aamerut's *Sophia - Wisdom Lovers* site, seeking information on any contemporary Mary Magdalene channelings, "...looking more for the occult story".]

There *is* something Very Most Special to be *revealed* from the spiritual essence of Mary Magdalene, i am *certain*... but as best *i* know, it just hasn't come forth, yet...

You are also on to something. You are the first person I met to have intuited this!

She is probably one of the most enigmatic figures of all, shrouded in an oral tradition, a real Gnostic tradition.

My own personal gut feeling is: NOTHING i have discovered, yet, is the *Real* Mary Magdalene. The most *interesting* pieces i've found *are* "The Gospel of Mary" (in the Nag Hammadi Library) & Jamie Kearney's "gospel". *Interesting*... but neither of them ring really *true* -- with me.

Maybe the Cathars had the actual gospel she wrote (or dictated)?

Yes, the Cathars.

A person in Yeshua's position *has* to feel veryVERY alone.

Yes. This is why Mary was cherished. He also called her his Isis...

Of course Mary had a spiritual depth unparallel to any of the disciples because she had the potential to be an Empty Vessel in which the Master could totally expand without any limitations. She did not only perceive in her mind but she was in her being.

So i would suggest that Yeshua *recognized* the awakened Presence of Sophia *in* the Magdalene. And how could the inner-Christ *not* love the awakened *Sophia* -- in *any*one where such-is-so? As a "fully awakened Sophia" -- who has become *one* with Christ in the Bridal Chamber of Wisdom -- of *course* any genuine Presence of Mary Magdalene *has* to be pouring out Highest Spiritual Wisdom!

Any genuine Presence of M M would once more radiate her Inner Sun quietly and present herself once more as an empty receptacle cherishing more than her life, the Logos a process that can be accomplished only in the Bridal Chamber as described in the Gospel of Philip.

I want to share with you why I became interested in Mary Magdelene and I ask you to forgive my English!

25 years ago I was a poor missionary from an obscure Christian sect residing in Provence, France. I am French Canadian and knew nothing of the history of Provence, the Cathar Mary's legendary presence in the south of France, or reincarnation. But I was living there totally seduced by the atmosphere and the feminine presence that pervades every blade of grass in this corner of Provence (the country side near Avignon) where I was living. Even the light is feminine there, pink and very soft. I felt such an appartenance there; to put it plainly I was * in love * as * in love * as if I had found my soul mate. And there was magic around me wherever I was going.

I had read somewhere that we all have spiritual helpers helping us from the spirit realms; and one day I was musing about this in meditation and wondered if I had such a helper. This is when the thought of Mary came to my consciousness. I always felt a closeness, an affinity, to this character. I asked from the Spirit that if Mary had anything to do with me I would open my Bible on a passage mentioning her; and sure enough this was so.

I don't want to bore you with all the details; but all through my time in France her presence was with me and in me. There were times when I couldn't differentiate my thoughts from her thoughts, my memories from her memories. This was her country, Sophia's country; and everything there was imbued with her Spirit, at least for one with a Spirit vibrating at her frequency. It was only 10 years later that I read on the Cathars' presence in the South of France; and I know exactly what they believe in and how they honor Sophia and her continual presence in this sacred land, which is an oral tradition, because it is a presence which must be experienced.

So I am not saying that I am a re-incarnation of M M because I don't think that her personality is all that important. But there have been at times manifestations of the Divine Feminine; and very few have intuited with the eyes of the heart, the special relationship of Christ and Mary.

About a week ago I had this dream...

I was in a group of people. I didn't know anybody in the group; and nobody knew me as well. I am not sure what exactly was the purpose of us all being there, but we were all there together. At one point the owner of the place where we had gathered proceeded to pray a prayer ( a real heart felt invocation ); and when I heard that prayer it triggered as a response the Inner Sun within me. I felt that I was quietly radiating of this Sun; and nobody in the group felt it except the man who prayed the invocation. Nothing was said. I knew and he knew and I woke up, still feeling this Inner Sun within.

I think that it was this way between Mary and the Master; they both knew each other.

I have not recorded any of the experiences of coming into contact with the Mary Magdalene archetype in France. Now, for about 5 years, the connection with this aspect of the Divine Feminine is much more highly spiritual, with greater insights into the Mystery of all Ages. The experiences in France were a part of the process of purification and opening of the doors into Her reality. It was a wondrous initiation, this morphing of the mind, this touch of extemporal Grace. Her presence has been dormant at times; or I should say that my spiritual availability has not always been oncompromisingly present. You said at the end of your letter : "But too M M had to risk all -- to *be* all that she was & became; & isn't that where, when it comes to it -- most hesitate and draw back?" This is so so true. And I think that this is the reason for the gradual initiation into Her ( Sophia's ) Mystery ( sometimes over many lives ). The microcosm, or vehicle of the Spirit, has to be prepared to withstand the Higher Vibration of contact with the essence of Her Being; and at one point one must, with all the strength of the Mind and Will, desire more than life itself to just *be* for the sake of Divine Love alone.

Sophia has many voices; she connects with souls at all levels of consciousness. Have you heard Lisa Gerrard's *Duality*? In this masterpiece she expressed with her incomparable voice instrument, Sophia's many expressions.

The M M energy is associated with the end of this time, The Bridal Chamber of Philip, the Alchemical Wedding of the Cabbalist, the Christian Marriage Supper of the Lamb, The Rapture and Transfiguration.

The revelation about this Mystery is not a mental or emotional manifestation; it is a transfiguration of being. I would love to share more about all this with you if you wish, too...

"Mary Magdalene" -- if we were to try to relate to her essence, now, would be a veiling of Sophia, in reality. It is but a Naming for reaching Sophia, with a certain kind of personality/historical "coloring" that would simply exist in our *own* minds -- which is, perhaps, a little more *easy* to relate to, for some, if not many.

Yes, this is true for most who connect to Sophia at the emotional level, which is all right, and a step in spiritual awakening. But for others Sophia is no longer veiled in the personality of M M. She becomes a Vibrational Key to connect to an aspect, or a Vibrational Signature, of Divinity. This is her essence: A vibrational Signature of Sophia.

At the *core* it is still the Feminine Divine one is seeking a deep sense of commUNION with -- thru "Mary Magdalene".

Yes, thru this Vibrational Signature.

The personality is a result of living in this 3rd density.

After the physical death, the microcosm or the vehicle of the Divine Spirit is cleansed of all personalities. All that remains is some memories; and it is those that we have access to. These incarnations are not sequential but simultaneous.

I think that your True Self has nothing to do with any outside influences. I do not think that we inherit spiritual abilities from anyone. But we might choose to be born to spiritual or psychic parents who might best guide our life on this path.

One must * try the spirit * to discern the level of sincerity or/and receptivity of a soul before venturing to share about Her. I also found that it is next to impossible for me to open my mouth and share anything of substance if there is no invocation from the other person. It was the message of the dream I had a few weeks ago. That by hearing a sincere prayer, an invocation to Her, it would trigger the inner Sun within to radiate; and this would be perceptible at the spiritual level only by that soul.

With people who are not Seekers or who have no spiritual vacuum to receive Her Spirit there is like a wall in front of me and I find that I am choked at the throat chakra. Could be why Jesus said nothing to his accusers? What else could he say but the Truth? But there was no receptivity, no emptiness, no vacuum in hearts full of fear and prejudice.

I have also met the Shekinah... It is a long story...

I have channelled not only in words, but in deeds, the Presence of the Shekinah. It was a special * mission * ( not exactly the right word ). She opened to me in the process the Mystery of Isis and of the Kabalah. There is a subtle difference between the Mary M Signature and the Shekinah Signature.

Yes in my sense poetry is an angelic language. It is the only language with which to communicate anything of Her.

I feel that there is no intent of preaching or making converts with the Divine Lover. It is an intimate affair, a wooing of the heart, a spiritual love making. I am convinced (after being myself an evangelist for 15 years) that those who rant and rave simply don't *know* Her, have not been ravished by Her Love. To even discuss about Her with such blind leaders of the blind would render them even more crystalised in their beliefs and in the Letter of the Law which kills. To argue about Her with such stiff necked people would be in some way antithesis to Her ways, which is a wooing of the soul. And when She encounters darkness in a soul She brushes against it even more gently.

It is a sobering responsibility to *know* Her and have received Her Leaven; we need wisdom to not hurt a soul.

I have been initiated throughout my life, and as long as I remember I have desired Her love. There were many definite moments in that initiation; but none of them was a sudden illumination, an Eureka I * know * Her completely Alleluia type of thing. There has been remarkable lifting of the Veil where I feel to say like the apostle Paul that I was lifted to the 3rd Heaven and every such moment left me totally full of Her Love; and each of these encounters has borne some kind of fruits, because She cannot touch you without changing you, without a glowing of Her light in your eyes, and a greater radiation of love from your heart.

So if I go back in memory and remember the definite moments in my life, each one of them initiated by Her brushing against my consciousness, I realise also that at any time I could have chosen not to go there and close the door thru unbelief and lack of soul energy and genuine desire for Her. The soul energy is very important; Her Love is a two way street; it is an involvement like love making; each partner must give and receive for a dynamic union to happen.

I had one of these wonderful experiences of Oneness with the Divine, a realisation of the Splendor of the True Self within, and the potential of Oneness for all humanity.

It was a profound experience for me as I was daily lifted in Her Chamber. This is not a figure of speech. On the material plane I could barely function; all my energy was channeled into being Her Presence, feeling as She feels and loving as She loves.

I could receive Her fully... and be set free to * know * Her Boundless Love, that a new creation would emerge. To love Her and to * Be * Her is the only Freedom, the only Liberation.

This is what She wanted... the feeling and mystery of being an empty vase that Mary experienced with Christ.

This was an important theme in the message from M M -- the perfect vessel without boundaries who can expand to the measure of the Love of Christ which is without bound, treasuring every seed, not letting one fall to the ground.

Experiencing Her gentleness with a soul, Her restraint of * my * feminine impulses, Her never imposing anything and experiencing the wisdom She was giving me, to press tenderly, but never break a spirit. To be without condemnation and to keep on loving if she so inspired.

Love is the fulfilment of the Law. It is the only reason for our human incarnation; and we are not totally redeemed, saved and liberated unless we have our being in Divine Love. But who can grasp Love and Freedom? Who is ready and committed to seek Her all the way? The words Love and Freedom have but a cheap meaning in this world now. And I think it is because we seek it emotionally or we seek to understand its meaning intellectually instead of drinking Her Nectar.

It is very difficult for me to understand: why is humanity as a whole not seeking Her? Why are the firstfruits of Her blissful love not sought without the trappings of religion, sincerely, with no attachment to forms or the distortions of the personality? Why is humanity not seeking to become whole in Her/Christ?

I take occasionally Out of the Body voyages and connect with Her/Christ in the spiritual Realms. You know this is the place we often find ourselves when just about to fall asleep or when just waking up. These are precious moments, after we have let go of the cares of the day. She delights to take us with Her, or, when we just wake up, She is there the first thought on our mind.

In the richest, deepest expression of our Beloved Lover, she grabs your heart and lifts your spirit. For me it is a spiritual Odyssey to consecrate some time into tuning through Her channel to the reality of Her.

She expressed without compromise Her many facets, from Gaia to the Holy Spirit. She has carried me many times into Her multilayered Chamber.

I sense that now is Her hour. The divine Wedding has not been consummated up yet. The bliss that we partake of is but the first fruits, a bit like an engagement. We are engaged to wed the Groom. And every moment of this betrothal is gloriously enrapturing.

What I ( the true self ) love in a man, and what will irresistibly attract my spirit and awaken Her, is the divinity, the Christ, the soul into becoming and the spirit of desiring Sophia the Lover and glorifying Her that was present in the Christ, in Jesus as I remember it ( because this I remember ). In Jesus, Yavew was redeemed, re-united with the Feminine. In Christ, Mary was whole in that sublime Rapture, that Divine synergy which is unfolding upon us.

~~Diane, Ananda Ananda


[ From the March 10th, 2003 chat with Ananda Ananda. Most of my jabber has been edited-out, except where retention of it seemed needed for the flow of meaning.]

wynn : So! What are you meaning by "Vibrational Signature"? Definitely a terminology i've never run across before...

ananda : we all have a vibrational signature : maybe you would say a certain flavor : or a color : which is our spiritual signature. Does it make sense?

wynn : You're presumeably not meaning our aura...

ananda : no not the aura something in relation with the color of our spirit it's vibration : and it has nothing to do with a perception of the personality : like the image we may have of who MM was : let's say that the Gospel of Thomas has a different signature than the Gospel of Philip : ok a different Vibrational Signature makes us vibrate at a different level : everything is Vibration : one of Sophia's energy is MM

wynn : So on a certain vibrational wavelength one tunes into the MM aspect of the Sophia energy?

ananda : no it is her signature her flavor a taste of her at a Vibrational level

ananda : but you know her Vibrational Signature : at the level of pure energy : sync

ananda : I have been very doubtfull too when I started to connect with MM in France I didn't want to pay any attention to it and figured it was all in my imagination.

ananda: For me at the moment it is just to feel her love inside of me Her presence and the her transformative power. I feel her energy raising the vibration of my whole body and 5 years ago She give me a powerful message on the Rapture and this was definitively a message from the MM aspect of infinite wisdom : are you familiar with this concept? : how about the concept of the rapture or the marriage supper of the Lamb from Revelation? : The Consalameteum of the Cathar, the Alchemical Wedding : for many years I have felt a connection with the woman MM : the sinner the silent lover feeling unworthy : hiding in the crowd following from afar off : but 5 years ago : it was a different feeling emanating from the powerful revelation : but I knew that it was from MM : because she talked about her relation with Christ : I have the feeling that this aspect of Sophia thru the archetype MM : the message was also illustrated in my whole body. it was also a download of transfigurative energy : She told me : that we all have to become like MM and : that she told me how she was the only one who was a perfect vase in which the Master could expand fully that she cherished every one of his seeds (also the spiritual) and that mostly she give her all and refuse nothing. at the same time that I was writing the words : I'll try to find it and send it to you. I could feel that this love that was shared between Christ and her : and that I could feel as if I was Her : had the power to transform the very atoms of my body : this has nothing to do with any effort of our will it is just done thru pure love for Christ the same love shared with MM : it is something that is received in our being just like a woman receives a man : this is why it is called the Marriage Supper and a wedding : the best analogies to describe this all have sexual connotations : No wonder MM was so vilified in the traditional Jewish atmosphere of the time

wynn : Well... sexual connotations express that sense of intimate *closeness* like no other connotations *can*... that uttermost joining & transcendence... : Yet... they *had* the Song of Songs...

ananda : Yes and MM and The Christ had total freedom to enjoy total closeness, there was no bondaries to MM's love only her love was pure enough and sincere enough for total expression. But she couldn't be raptured yet, not without the rest of the souls to whom it has been reserved at this time to spiral out of the Game

wynn : So what are you meaning by the "rapture"?

ananda : the transformation into another Vibrational Level of all the Cells of our Body or to put it in other words the redemption of the whole person by receiving Christ : not the Jesus personality of course, but the Christine energy with whom Jesus became One.

ananda : Christ was the life of her being, the music of her soul, her all. She was the only one who saw the Christ in all its awesome glory in Jesus. She knew Christ because herself was possessed by Sophia. I cannot tell it better but I know it in my being.

Eyes Of The Soul

Eyes Of The Soul

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