Blue Heart Light's Caress

Blue Heart Light's Caress
Art by Norman E. Masters

Love Croonings
to Mary Magdalene

In quick electric motion, your arms around me
in love's embrace, the animation of your face,
your voice caressing, lovewords lingering as
whisperbreathings in my ear, breath-tones floating
like sweet melody, caress like liquid flow
of love as rich as summer's fragrant breezes,
teasing love's dalliance with you, Mary...

& o, our Mother of Truth is here in you,
blazing your heart afire, fountaining of
Her Spirit's desire... holy fire...
thru the tempests of nights all howly,
thru the calm of nights made holy
by your presence, taking full measure
of pleasure in your love-whisperings,
love's vision abright in your loveglowing eyes,
liquidsoft, your heart, melting into my life,
your soul-life's culmination this loving
so delicate & tender in all its fullness & strength...

~~wynn manners
December 24, 2004

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