Heart Radiances

Heart Radiances
Art by Norman E. Masters

The Work Of Love

Soul working is the only work we can really do. For whatever manifests from that workspace is the reality of ourselves. It is important to understand that this science does not make anything though; it just initiates the conscious creator into the art of creation.

Creation does not invent. It does not put together two concepts to make three or any multiplication. It does not seek to be a repeatable concept that holds itself up as our truth. It is as the ancients say- an alchemy. A metamorphosis of one state of being into another.

First though, the laboratory must be found; and this is the great enigma, for the soul does not exist as an integral structure. It is a bridge that is realized only by walking upon it. Each experimental step we take forms another span of conscious extension from one arch of becoming to the next. Yet, let's not think of segments, but of how the sunset is a bridge to the sunrise. Light allows darkness to give birth to new daylight by dying to itself.

Thus our workshop is a crucible of conscious space we provide for ourselves in order to work with the imagination of trust. Trust is the melting pot forged by our willingness to cease from invention, in order to transmute into unknown creation. A fire that we must breathe upon with the breath of desire. This desire is our catalyst. It is the potential of the soul, just as night is the potential for day.

When we speak of abiding within the heart of love, we are saying that we are willing to be both the bellows and the breath of creation. Not a soul maintained by immutable truth, but the spirit of God investigating the reality of two in One. This wind of change becomes our wings. Just as a butterfly absorbs itself in the cocoon, desiring flight from the death of its former limitations.

Life is not death. For death has no function but to illuminate eternal life. The work of the soul is to absorb its assumed realities in the fire of transcendence. It loves itself enough to die to itself, and so it becomes the works of love. The very expression of God in us.

      There is a wine that only lovers drink.
      It has been fermented and brought forth
      through infinite realms of you and I.
      Learn to drink this secretly
      in the cavern of the heart.
      Being God's thirst
      we become One drink.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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