Cosmic Dreamer

Cosmic Dreamer
Art by Montserrat
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The unveiling of awareness can only take place in time.
Unveiling is process; what has not been seen
is now seen -- successively.

Remembrance is an unveiling,
a revealing of what-was,
now-known, the is-of-now.

Root of the pan-dimensions***, our remembrance of You
is our return to You, our embracing of You,
Your embracing of us...

Internesting in Your All,
wonder awes each yes all-blessing...

You nourish us with milk of stars
to fecundate our dreams
in this playground of our nurturing.

In our bodies borne of stardust,
Spirit animates to ascend from dust
to the farstars of our longing...

Ecstasy a star*burst of Oh! Ahhh! Yes!
Core of desire climaxing in the soaring
into/inthru/*with* each other
as Living Fire of Spirit, enfleshed...

Never the same, alone...
never so intense...
as with You, Beloved...

woos the heights
interpenetrating the depths
melting into this
interfusing bliss...

***pan = all, the union of all branches

~~wynn manners

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