Dream Light

Dream Light
Art by Norman E. Masters

Matter Is Condensed Spirit

Matter is condensed Spirit. This appearance of Burl is but only one facet of an entity that is multiple and exists in multiple worlds. Take a microscope and this surface layer Burl becomes an integrated ecosystem for the support of all kinds of little critters. I am an ecosystem, a world in and of itself.....these little critters derive their life from me and call me Mommy and Daddy. They're so cute! Kidding aside, we are all much more than our appearances. The surface layer that we see is but a shadow of infinity.

Matter is condensed Spirit. Ramakrishna says,

"The Unmanifest is an infinite Serpent (the Goddess Ananta) and Shakti (Energy) is the graceful and powerful movement of that Serpent. Shakti is the one divine Reality, which consciously becomes the entire universe -- lawful structures and miraculous manifestations abiding on earthly, subtle, and heavenly planes. The Unmanifest shines forth as Shakti and Shakti is simply the luminous darkness of the Unmanifest. Mother's Essence and Mother Energy are not two."

It is said by David Bohm that we are akin to frozen light. This is really the same idea as being put forth by Ramakrishna. The Goddess or God is not separate from Matter, rather Matter is an expression thereof. The painting is not the artist....yet, as I see it, the painter is reflected in the art for the art, by definition, provides us a window into the artist's inner world. For God(dess), I see it as akin to the conception of the art (us) and that conception then becomes the work....for God(dess), this is one movement. What is thought becomes. "And God said...." Our conception is in the mind of God. God is not our hallucination as much as we are Hers/His. Seriously, though, like the art reflecting the artist, we reflect God back to Herself.

In a Gnostic writing, Sophia (little Sophia, which is to say the Earthly) gets caught up in matter and prays for deliverance. In some ways, I get concerned that we are pitting ourselves up against the world and not remembering that it is God's. The world is fallen, they say, but is it really? Or is it that the world is reflecting God who really isn't separate from it, just as a thought is not separate from the mind that created it. Dare we say the reflection of God is evil? This is important for we have to understand our treatment of the ecology of this planet in lieu of what our deepest feelings about manifest life are.

Even as I write this I gaze upon the computer screen. Where is it? Out there? Well, but isn't it true that my eyes are taking in light waves and my brain is taking those waves and converting it into an image? A thought is a wave. The screen is not out there, but in here. Or, is it that my mind is non-local and the illusion is that it is located in my skull. I'm trying to remember this conversation from Randy Rudicker's book, "The Fourth Dimension." I might be getting the spelling wrong, but the guy is a mathematician who, while not believing in God, pays homage to the mystics in understanding the universe. Anyway, as I recall, part of this conversation goes like this,

Student: "So you are saying that my mind lights up a cross section of space-time?"

Teacher: "I say no such thing. Your mind, such as it is, is nonlocatable....or, more truly spoken, mind is everywhere and you have no mind at all."

Where is the mind? The brain? It is found that the brain rewires itself after learning a task. By what knowledge does the brain know to do this? Is it Intelligence, my Beloved Sophia, that creates the brain? Is my entire body a Mind? Is the entire universe a reflection of my Mind? Not Burl but that Mind that conceives Burl for I watch my hands type and I experience them as not "out there" but "in here." Am I my own thought? Am I my Soul's creation? Is the Soul my Mother? Is my yearning for the Female and yearning for intimate knowledge of the Soul that has birthed me? How many levels is Burl within and how many levels are in Burl? Worlds within worlds. All about exploration. I am a multiple personality syndrome wrapped up in one.


Burl B. Hall

March 25, 2001

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